Troodos Geopark

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Time to get acclimatised...

Climate conditions resulting from the topography of the complex, together with the particularly fertile soil created by the erosion of the great variety of its rocks, were highly significant factors in the development of the forests and farmland, thereby affecting the economic and social development of the island.


The climate of the region could not differ from typical Mediterranean, but it has markedly cooler summers and colder, wetter winters. The average annual precipitation (rain and snow) fluctuates between 600mm-1,100mm, an amount considerably higher than the average for the whole of Cyprus (320mm). The lowest rainfall is observed in the area between Potami and Atsa-Katydata while the highest is on Mount Olympus.


The months experiencing the highest rainfall are December and January while the period May-September is usually rainless but with occasional storms that often bring heavy rain. At heights of more than 1,000 metres above sea level, it snows every year and the snow may last for 2-3 months at height of up to one metre (maximum 3 metres).


As for the highest temperatures, these occur in July and August when at lower altitudes the maximum is 40°C while at higher altitudes it reaches 35°C (average daily temperature 24.5°C). Similarly, the lowest temperature is observed at night in January and February when at lower altitudes it may fall below zero (- 3°C) while at higher altitudes, night temperatures from December-February are below 0°C (absolute lowest of -15°C and an average daily temperature of 0.5°C in February).


Cooler summers at the highest altitudes of the Geopark, usually above 600-700 metres, and the natural beauty of the area, are the main reasons why many Cypriots prefer the broader region for their summer holidays. On the other hand, the snow in winter and the wild nature of the area attract a large number of Cypriot and foreign skiers.

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