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What is a Geopark

A Geopark is a unified area with geological heritage of international significance. Geoparks use that heritage to promote awareness of key issues facing society in the context of the dynamic planet we all live on. Many Geoparks promote awareness of geological hazards, including volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis and many help prepare disaster mitigation strategies among local communities. Geoparks hold records of past climate change and are educators on current climate change as well as adopting a best practise approach to utilising renewable energy and employing the best standards of “green tourism.”Tourism industry promotion in Geopark, as a geographically sustainable and applicable tourism model, aims to sustains, or even enhances, the geographical character of a place. One of the most important activities in a Geopark is to maintain the Geological Heritage.


A Geopark, through Geotouristic activities may also help stimulate the local socio-economic activities to create and develop businesses related to tourism, dissemination and promotion of visits and tours.

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