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Launched: the framework for the Local Quality Agreement on Troodos Geoproducts

Troodos is full of natural attractions, beautiful buildings, wonderful people, excellent technicians, produces quality wines and unique delicacies.


Troodos Geopark as the Park of the Earth is an area with specific limits and remarkable heritage. Created and operated as a single space in which, beyond the geological, there are common cultural, gastronomic, anthropological and sociological characteristics that enhance the local identity, protect the tradition and highlight the particular characteristics of the Troodos region, The Geopark Troodos It combines the fascinating local geology with the unique natural environment of the Troodos, the long history of human societies and local mores, customs and traditions of local people. A key tool in revealing that local identity is the initiative to create a Local Quality Agreement, which certifies the quality and the particular local character of different products and services to be offered in the region. The Local Quality Pact created by the Development Agency Troodos through the transnational cooperation program "GEOPRODUCTS" through Axis 4 Leader of the RDP 2007-2013 in cooperation with the Development Company of Psiloritis in Crete.


The Local Quality Agreement is an agreement between the operators engaged locally (ie within the Geopark), on the quality of the products and services they offer to their businesses. Professionals who meet quality standards, will be implemented in agreement and will receive the corresponding certification.


As a result, these professionals who respect and love their homeland while offering experience relevant history and the Troodos delivery will attract more visitors to their sites and thus will have additional economic benefit.



What is the Local Quality Pact?

This is an agreement between traders operating within the Geopark on the quality of the products and services they offer to their businesses. The Covenant wants to ensure emerges as the identity of the area highlighting:

  • Local varieties
  • Cultivation and processing methods
  • Local products
  • Gastronomy
  • Traditions
  • Architecture
  • Traditional décor
  • Visibility of the site


Which categories of business can join the Quality Agreement?

The Local Quality Pact will have a single symbol (logo Geopark), but will be divided into five different signals - certification fields to cover all the activities offered by area businesses. These fields are:

  • Locally produced products,
  • Restaurants and shops offering local cuisine,
  • Accommodation,
  • Tourist activities
  • Wineries


What are the requirements to be met by an undertaking for me to take the Mark certifying that belongs to the Local Quality Pact?

The basic pillars on which to base the standards for the certification of companies are:

  • The operation of businesses in the area Geopark,
  • The legal operation of business,
  • Authenticity of the business,
  • The use and promotion of local history and tradition,
  • Utilization of local products,
  • Architecture and decor that refers to the specific identity of the region,
  • Visibility in terms of business, the entire Geopark, the Mark and the companies operating in it.


How do I get the Mark of Geopark for my business?

To obtain the Mark of the Geopark, an enterprise should:

  • Meet the requirements for certification field concerned.
  • To accept inspection by the Geopark managing body in order to verify compliance with the requirements of the Mark
  • To pay the fee for taking the Mark.


How do I check the detailed certification specifications?

The detailed specifications are presented in forms which the trader can be purchased from the Development Agency of Troodos.



What is the review process?

The company's inspection procedure will apply to take the Mark will be coordinated by the Certification Department of the Local Quality Pact of Geopark. For this action the Certification Department will work with specially trained inspectors who will know the certification standards of each field and have knowledge of the specific business. To ensure that companies will not try to "fool" inspectors to temporarily adjust their activities and operations in order to comply with the standards, inspections will be sudden and uninformed traders. Where possible, during the unannounced inspections inspectors will play the role of client (mystery shopper) so that they can fully experience the experience of a visitor, whose quality he wants to ensure the Mark of the Geopark. Sudden inspections do not take place only once a year, when it is attributed or renewed the Certification mark, but this year, to ensure that the business continues and maintains the standards and that the inspectors do their job properly.



How much does the signal?

The acquisition cost of the Mark by a company for one year is set at one hundred (100) Euros (plus VAT). This applies for certification of a business in a field and obtain one (1) Signal of the five (5) available. For certification in more than one field with the same undertaking the cost estimate will be adjusted as follows:

  • For certification in two (2) areas: 80% of the normal price (ie 160 € instead of 200 €)
  • For certification in three (3) areas: 75% of the normal price (ie 225 € instead of 300 €)
  • For certification in four (4) areas: 70% of the normal price (ie 280 € instead of 400 €)
  • For certification in five (5) areas: 65% of the normal price (ie 325 € instead of 500 €)


Can I use the label for advertising purposes of my business?

Not only can a company use the mark, but it would be desirable to do so, it increases the visibility that makes the Management Authority of the Local Quality Pact of Geopark.



What do I win?

Free, targeted and continuous view. Holders signal enjoy viewing and advertising Development Agency Troodos (Management Authority) and have priority in all actions organized to promote the Geopark.

  • Businesses with Signal will have the exclusive priority for hosting groups of visitors from all parts of the world.
  • Firms with label promoted by the website of the Geopark which has a special section projection of certified companies. In this way, when any visitor enter the site of Geopark organizing the journey, will be updated only for businesses that have the Mark.
  • In packets traffic Development Agency Troodos included only businesses owners of the mark.