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Notes & Ways to Search

  • Date
    You can seek with precise date supplementing the first field and with interval of date, supplementing the fields from-to. The date that you will supplement it should be in the form DD/MM/YYYY, that is to say Day/Month/Year, i.e.: 07/06/2013

  • Title, Content
    In this fields you have the possibility of supplementing words or expressions relative with the content of article or subject that you seek and what likely they will be contained in the text. You can supplement one or more words combined between them with characters that are described below. Concretely, searching for some article you can give all the words they describe it better, putting between them a "comma" (,) i.e.: "Troodos, Moufflon". The search to you will return all the articles that contain all or some from these words, independent from their accentuation and if they are written with chapters or small. In case where you are not sure for the spelling of certain words you can use special characters, which are the following:

  • Low Line [ _ ]:
    For any intermediary character in the word i.e.: "Mouff_on".

  • Percent Sign of [ % ]:
    For one or more characters in the end of word i.e.: "Mouf%".

  • Ampersand [ & ]:
    For search of articles and/or records for which exist essentially also the two words i.e.: "Troodos & Moufflon"

  • Vertical Line [ | ]:
    For search of articles and/or records for which they exist at least one from the words of search i.e.: "Troodos | Moufflon"

  • Hyphen-Minus [ - ]:
    For search of articles and/or records for which they exist the one and not the other word i.e.: "Troodos - Moufflon".

  • Parenthesis [ ( ) ]:
    If it is used some combination of these, are first executed in the parentheses and then remainder, always with direction from right to left. i.e.: "(Troodos - Moufflon) & (Troodos | Moufflon)"