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Troodos Geopark

Troodos' Geological Treasure

The Troodos mountain range is an ophiolite, a term used to describe a group of igneous rocks which make up the oceanic crust. Troodos is part of a very ancient section of oceanic crust...

A Wonderland with Troodos at its Heart

The major part of the Geopark is covered by forests and dense natural vegetation. It is no accident that the area contains the island’s most noteworthy forests, including the Adelphi and Papoutsa Forests, the Troodos National Forest Park and the largest part of the Paphos Forest.

Priceless Flora

There is no denying that the flora of the Geopark is the richest in Cyprus and, for this reason, the Troodos mountain range is considered one of the most important mountain habitats for plants in the whole of Europe.

From the microcosm of its fauna to the larger mammals

The fauna of the region could not be anything but inextricably linked to its flora, habitats and particular ecological conditions.

A simpler, more touristic approach

The calmness and serenity provided by Cyprus' largest mountain range is by no means an indication of limited activity. Troodos is an earthly paradise, with countless options and pleasant surprises. All the visitor has to do is respond fully to what nature has to offer.

The island's mineral wealth and its long connection with copper

The Troodos ophiolite complex is characterised by its rich deposits of asbestos, chromite, copper and iron pyrites as well as seams of gold and silver.

Time to get acclimatised...

Climate conditions resulting from the topography of the complex, together with the particularly fertile soil created by the erosion of the great variety of its rocks, were highly significant factors in the development of the forests and farmland...

Endemic Plants

List of endemic plants of Cyprus recorded in the Geopark.

A new kind of tourism and an exciting circular route… on just two wheels

Driving around the Troodos range, from Karvounas to Platres and Prodromos, you will see a blue line along the road. Many people wonder what it’s for since until recently it was not even part of the island’s Highway Code.

Bat Species

List of bat species recorded in the Geopark

Walking on Ancient Ground

The ground on the Troodos mountains is chiefly made up of three main rocks - diabase, gabbro and lava

Impressive mining activity in the area

Cyprus' name has long been linked to copper (Cuprum). Vertical copper production on the island began 3000 BC. The ancient Cypriots were not only expert miners but superb metallurgists too.

Threatened Plants

List and photos of rare and threatened plants

Nature Trails

Nature Trails of the Geopark

Bird Species

The main birds of the Geopark.

Troodos and its inseparable relationship with Water

The impressive topography created by the uplifting of the Troodos mountain range has had a direct influence not only on the natural environment but on every aspect of life and culture in Cyprus.

Picnic Areas & Campsites

Picnic Areas & Campsites

Quarrying in the Area

Today, on the site of the Geopark, in the two areas where quarrying is permitted, the Mitsero and Pharmakas quarries produce some 2,200,000 tons of aggregates, covering approximately 22% of the island’s needs.


Photos of Mammals encountered in Troodos

Plants of Geology

Various Plants related to geology.