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Troodos Geopark


A simpler, more touristic approach

The calmness and serenity provided by Cyprus' largest mountain range is by no means an indication of limited activity. Troodos is an earthly paradise, with countless options and pleasant surprises. All the visitor has to do is respond fully to what nature has to offer.

A new kind of tourism and an exciting circular route… on just two wheels

Driving around the Troodos range, from Karvounas to Platres and Prodromos, you will see a blue line along the road. Many people wonder what it’s for since until recently it was not even part of the island’s Highway Code.

Nature Trails

Nature Trails of the Geopark

Picnic Areas & Campsites

Picnic Areas & Campsites

The Visitor Centre of the Troodos National Forest Park

The Visitor Centre of the Troodos National Forest Park, is situated 200m west of the Troodos Square, to which is also connected with a paved trail. It is the first Centre of its kind in Cyprus and it has been operating since July 2002.