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Troodos Geopark


A Wonderland with Troodos at its Heart

The major part of the Geopark is covered by forests and dense natural vegetation. It is no accident that the area contains the island’s most noteworthy forests, including the Adelphi and Papoutsa Forests, the Troodos National Forest Park and the largest part of the Paphos Forest.

Time to get acclimatised...

Climate conditions resulting from the topography of the complex, together with the particularly fertile soil created by the erosion of the great variety of its rocks, were highly significant factors in the development of the forests and farmland...

Walking on Ancient Ground

The ground on the Troodos mountains is chiefly made up of three main rocks - diabase, gabbro and lava

Troodos and its inseparable relationship with Water

The impressive topography created by the uplifting of the Troodos mountain range has had a direct influence not only on the natural environment but on every aspect of life and culture in Cyprus.