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2nd Photo Contest of Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark 2018

August - 31st of October 2018

The Photo contest of Troodos Geopark will be extended until Wednesday, 31st of October 2018. The participants can particpate to the contest by sending their photo/photos to this e-mail info@anetroodos.com.


The 2nd Photo Contest of Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark is aiming for the people to get to know a little bit more about Troodos Geopark, a unique area due to the geology, flora and fauna. The contest is organized by Troodos Development Company, managing body of Troodos Geopark Visitor Centre and the Troodos Tourism Board in collaboration with the Cyprus Photographic Society - Nicosia Branch and the team Τοπία της Κύπρου / Landscapes of Cyprus (facebook group).



  1. Geology (minerals, rocks, mines, geo-sites)
  2. Forest / Biodiversity (forests, natural vegetation, habitats, flora, fauna, nature trails)
  3. Water (dams, rivers, waterfalls, springs, lakes)
  4. Tourism (activities in Troodos Geopark such as cycling, climbing, hiking, excursion, camping sites, sightseeing, natural attractions).
  5. Human & Culture (settlement architecture, landscape architecture, watermills, bridges, traditional settlements, houses, UNESCO monuments, churches, monasteries, drystones, museums, professions, customs, local products, local festivals, vineyards, etc.).
  6. 4 seasons in Troodos Geopark (autumn, winter, spring, summer).



  1. The photographer must be the main owner of the photographs to be submitted and will be responsible for the persons depicted therein.
  2. Photographs that are corrupted (with Adobe Photoshop or other software), as well as photographs that image filters were used during the photo shoot, will not be accepted. Partial photo correction is allowed: color, contrast, cropping.
  3. Competitors may submit up to 6 photos, either color or monochrome.
  4. Each photo must be in jpg format with 300 dpi resolution (the largest side being at least 3000 pixels), with a minimum file size of 2 MB and a maximum of 10 MB. The color profile is sRGB.
  5. Each competitor should submit his photos only electronically to info@anetroodos.com and each photo must be accompanied by the following details of the photographer: Name & Surname, Address, Telephone number, E-mail, Photo Title & Location of the photo, Photo numbering (e.g. Photo No.1, Photo No.2 etc.)
  6. All photos submitted may be used for activities and printed material of the Geopark which will be of non-profit interest, such as events, brochures, maps, newsletters etc. with a nominal reference to the photographer. 
  7. Each participant who sends his photos to the contest allows to the coordinators (Troodos Development Company and Troodos Tourism Board) to make use of this material without the permission of the owner for any republication of his/her photo/photos.
  8. Participants who work, or are, in any way, connected with the Geopark’s team (Troodos Development Company and the other partners of the photo contest) cannot participate in the Contest.
  9. Submitting photos means accepting all the terms of the contest and the non-compliance with any of them will result in exclusion from the contest.
  10. The last day of submitting the photos is Wednesday, October 24, 2018 (Not valid).

The evaluation of the submitted photos will be carried out by a committee consisting by representatives from Troodos Development Company, the managing body of Troodos Geopark Visitors Center, a representative from Troodos Tourism Board and representatives from Cyprus Photographic Society - Nicosia Branch and the team Τοπία της Κύπρου / Landscapes of Cyprus (facebook group).



The awards and praises that will be given to the winners are coming from the major sponsors of the contest:

  1. Troodos Hotel: Accommodation for 2 people for 1 night with Breakfast in Standard Room with Balcony
  2. Troodos Hotel: Lunch for 4 people at the DOLFIN Restaurant,
  3. Troodos Hotel: Lunch for 4 people (Sunday Buffet) at the Troodos Hotel Restaurant.
  4. Dymatou Estate: 3 packages with products (50 euros each).

Several of the selected photos will be possibly included in a digital album, which will be promoted by Troodos Geopark’s website and social media. The digital album or some of the photos will be send to the European and Global Geopark Network for promoting our Geopark and they will be used for non-profit purposes such as printed material for the Geopark.


For more information visit http://www.troodos-geo.org  or contact info@anetroodos.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/255306938444707/


Trooding all the way!