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Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark will participate in the AEI FILM FESTIVAL

23rd of July

On the 23rd of july Troodos Geopark will participate in the AEI FILM FESTIVAL in Nicosia at Bank of CYprus Cultural Centre.


Staff of Troodos Geopark Visitor's Centre transfer there to do educational activities and presentations about this speacial area.


‘’Get to know Troodos Geopark’

Geo-educational activities:

Troodos Geopark combines fascinating local geology with the unique natural environment of Troodos, the extensive history of human societies as well as the formal customs, traditions and traditions of the local population. Through the experiential workshops that will take place on November 19 & 20, the participants will travel to the geological time ‘Walking in the Upper mantle of the Earth’, discovering the natural wealth that hides the Troodos Geopark. As part of the experiential workshops, a documentary on the geological evolution of the Troodos will be screened, fossil specimens will be observed, questions on flora, fauna, geology and cultural heritage will be asked, and various discussions will be led on natural phenomena including ecology, climate change, etc.


  1. ‘’Working in the upper mantle of the Earth’’, Screening of a documentary on the geological evaluation of the Troodos across the ocean 10 million years ago. 5 minutes
  2. ‘’Travelling in the Geological time’’ Identification of fossil specimens, they will paint and make their own fossils. 15 minutes
  3. ‘’What material is it made of?’ Mineral and rock matching cards are used. 15 minutes
  4. ‘’ I learn about recycling’’ What is rubbish? Where do we throw them for 15 minutes.
  5. ‘’ Climbing to the top of Olympus’’ 30 minutes.
  6. ‘’Natural phenomena’’ 10 minutes.