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Troodos Geopark

Troodos Geopark

A walkthrough tour to the European Geoparks Network

A walkthrough tour using Google Earth to the European Geoparks Network. The tour regards Geoparks in Europe since the year 2010. Since then several new Geoparks added the European Geoparks Network.

Hantara Waterfalls

The waterfall in Phini is located in Hantara area. Undoubtedly, the waterfall, an exquisite creation of nature, enchants and impresses all visitors.

The stalactites of Phini Village

Nature shows its strength at the area Reximo on the banks of Diarizos River in creating stalactites. Walking alongside the river shores water drops at a high of 30-35 meters to the left shores creating a rich and impressive phenomenon of stalactites.

Venetian bridges

Winter Tour to Venetian bridges of “ELIA” and “Tzelefos” in Troodos Forest.

Waterfalls of Platres Village

Waterfalls of Kalidonia and Millomeris are among the highest natural waterfalls of the island. The visitor may approach by car using the roadways or following the nature trails on foot leading to them.

Working Group on UNESCO Geoparks

Working Group on UNESCO Geoparks

Οι Ομορφιές του Ποταμού Διαρίζου

Με τη βοήθεια της εικόνας περιοδεύσαμε προς ενετικά γεφύρια «Του Τζιελεφού» και «Της Ελιάς» με ενδιάμεσο σταθμό στο Φράγμα της Αρμίνου. Η συνέχεια επί της οθόνης... με όλο μεγαλείο της φύσης με τις ξεχωριστές ομορφιές από τον Διαρίζο.